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The Winter X Games begin, and the world comes to Aspen, Colorado, where the largest outdoor sporting event in the United States is taking place. The world of action sports and music is taking its course, but there is much more to do than just skiing, snowboarding, skiing and snowshoeing at home on Asperger Berg.

There is a strong sense of culture that makes Aspen such a beautiful place to visit and live, and it also offers many drinking spots and nightclubs. Whether the winding paths on Asperger Berg, the beautiful mountains or the wonderful ski and snowshoe hikes: people flock to Aspens for a variety of reasons. It also has the largest ski resort in the United States and the second largest snowpack in Colorado, behind Colorado Springs. Aspepen Snowmass is the highest elevation of all ski resorts in North America, averaging 1,000 feet of snow per year.

The Aspen Chamber of Commerce puts the number of shops and boutiques in Aspen at more than 225, and even the most devout shopaholics will be busy all day. The most popular cultural station in Aspinens is the Aspepen Art Museum, which regularly hosts new shows of various kinds. Popular events include the annual Art in the Park festival, a three-day festival of art, music, food and entertainment. The Aspan Festival is one of the largest arts festivals in North America and the second largest festival in Colorado.

Aspen Ski Company, Aspen Mountain (also known as Ajax) and Heart Ski Club, as well as Aspepen Valley Ski Resort. Colorado's largest ski resort and the second largest in the United States comes to Aspens armed with an IKON pass.

If you're keen to be as close to Aspen as possible and not pay crazy prices for a stay, Snowmass could be the place to be. If you are interested in skiing in the mountains but are not willing to pay the price of Aspens, you should consider staying in Carbondale. For those looking for more challenging, the Smuggler's Mountain Trail offers views of the city of Aspepen.

Aspen is located at the foot of the Roaring Fork River in the Elk Mountains, but one of Colorado's best outdoor playgrounds should be considered as it is located just a few miles north of Snowmass and south of Carbondale.

Aspen began as a small mining camp founded in 1879 by Henry B. Gillespie and booming in the 1880s during the first decade of the 20th century. There is something for everyone in Aspen, Colorado, and people there have defined it as one of the most diverse and diverse communities in Colorado and the United States. The city was founded in 1880 as a mining camp for the Colorado Silver Boom and experienced during the It was the first decades and was later called Aspepsen because there are so many aspen trees in this area. It has always been home to some of Colorado's most vibrant and vibrant communities, such as Snowmass and Carbondale, but it is defined by its people.

Countless visitors flock to Aspen to see the fantastic movies and music festivals, but it's not just about skiing. Aspepsen is a popular destination for the hardcore powder dog as well as for those who are hardcore powder dogs, and is home to some of the most diverse and vibrant communities in Colorado and the United States.

But skiing is not the only type of outdoor recreation that Aspen and the Colorado Springs area have to offer. When off the slopes, enjoy some of the best food and drink in the area, as well as a wide range of entertainment options. Without a doubt Aspepsen has the best ski, snowboard and snowmobile facilities in the world, but that does not mean it is for the average person, especially with the introduction of IKON passes, which now provide access to all four Aspens ski resorts.

Several transportation companies pick up and drop off Aspen guests at all four ski resorts and in the Colorado Springs area, with a variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment options.

It offers not only versatile terrain and killer culture, but also a small - city feeling, where the locals do their rounds and still invite you to an apres-after. If you rent equipment and run in Aspen or the buttermilk mountains, you'll be on the trails in no time.

On a smaller scale, Aspen certainly has its own strong culture, and the people there definitely make the most of living in such a beautiful area. The city is full of art and culture, yet has everything you could wish for in an outdoor paradise. All of this is part of what continues to make the city one of the best places in the country for outdoor recreation and adventure.

It should come as no surprise that the late singer John Denver also loved Colorado and Aspen. He is known for his hideaway, which consists largely of his home, the Roaring Fork River Ranch, and his ranch house in Colorado Springs.

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