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While no one can predict what the food will look like in Aspen this winter, some restaurants and chefs are stepping up their takeout game. Marble Distilling Co. in Carbondale has opened a warm, modern cocktail bar in the heart of the city, just blocks from downtown.

This casual, mostly take-out eatery is located on the stone gondola of Aspen Mountain, making it the perfect place to go for lunch on a day of skiing. It is suitable for almost every skier, but hardcore mountain bikers will love the food and the view of the aspen groves rolling past on roller skates. The property is owned by Aspens Skiing Co., which means you can contact professionals to help you plan your day of skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities.

At $9,228, the beefy Elk Mountains weigh you in a warm log cabin on the meadow, but the trip alone is worth the meal.

This restaurant at the foot of the Aspen Mountains is a great place for a picnic or a meal on the terrace overlooking the mountains. Next door is Bear Den Aspeck Cafe & Bakery, which opened in 2013 as the first cafe and bakery in Aspensburg, Colorado. It is a local café that offers great pastries and other foods and it is just a few blocks from the restaurant.

The restaurant at 105 S. Mill in Aspen has been one of the top restaurants in Aspen since 1988. The food was always wonderful and the restaurant was voted the "Best Takeout" of the competition this fall by readers of the Aspen Times. They sold cheap food and lived on what they could live on for a few years before they sold out.

At 411 E. Hopkins, this hotspot is expensive (members only), but it has wonderful food and wine and is worth the money. It has some of the best seats in town in the gondola, which brings skiers and onlookers up and down the mountain in winter and summer.

At the foot of the mountain you can enjoy a magnificent view of Aspen and the beautiful mountain views from the gondola. The atmosphere is one of my favorites in Aspens, people sit on the terrace and enjoy the weather and beautiful scenery.

The menu offers the perfect après-ski meal, including smoked ribs, fried chicken and various salads. There's a family menu served to the audience, with highlights including Hudson Valley foie gras, fried with caramelized apples and spiced walnuts on brioche. The more beer the Aspen Tap tastes, the more beer there will be, and a full menu of local and regional beers.

In the huge white tent you can taste the food, sip rare wines, taste artisanal spirits and taste the artisan spirit. Open at the Aspen Art Museum, offering a tempting selection of artworks by local artists and artists from around the world. The casual Colorado-based starters are baked, then added to the pies and melts, topped with wild mushrooms and caramelized onions, and made from a pie melt grown on a farm in Idaho. You can taste everything: smoked trout, smoked salmon, pork ribs, chicken, lamb, turkey, beef and pork chops.

Other worthy Viennese are found in Carbondale, where tube steaks are made from local grass-fed beef. Other fun places to try are JED's, an Asian fusion cuisine with dim sum, sushi and sashimi. Aspen is awash with the great food and drink offerings, from craft beer and wine to wine and spirits.

Other appetizers include grilled hanging steaks, blackened pork tenderloin, pork belly and pork shoulder. One of our favourites is the grilled lamb at Meat & Cheese Restaurant & Farm Shopown, where the perfect winter meal comes straight from Brexit. From gourmet pub grubs to nachos with wild boar and macchiato and cheese with apple wood - smoked bacon, the sandwiches here are some of the best in town. Entrees return to Colorado, like striped bass, grilled New York steak and roasted pheasant breast.

The new bar and lounge, called Mountain Social, has a great wall bed with great murals on the walls and is one of the best bars in town, if not the world.

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