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X Games today announced that the iconic base of Buttermilk Mountain is hosting its first - and only - Labor Day Music Festival from January 23-26. X Games today announced the line-up for the annual Summer Music Fest in Snowmass Village, Colorado, which will take over the iconic base at But termilk Mountain for an unforgettable weekend of music in the mountains. Our popular Labor Day music event brings some of the hottest new musicians from across the country to Snow Masses Village in Colorado for an unforgettable weekend of music on the mountain. The LaborDay Experience at Snow Village is the biggest music event of the season, drawing 10,000 or more people to the city's giant stage to hear the best of rock, hip-hop, country, pop, jazz, blues, soul and more.

The most spectacular concert venue is the 2,000-seat Benedictine tent at the top of Buttermilk Mountain, just a few hundred feet above the foot of the mountain. The show takes place in the heart of the Snow Masses Village, right next to the main entrance of the Snowmass Village and opposite the X Games.

The Aspen Music Festival School also has facilities that offer year-round performances. Experience an orchestral concert with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra conducted by the New York Symphony's conductor, Michael Krieger. A complete list of the concerts and a detailed description of the individual concert venues can be found below.

Jazz enthusiasts should also not miss the JAS Cafe series, which includes jazz performances at various venues in Aspen, including the Sundeck Cafe, Colorado Jazz Festival School and New York Symphony Orchestra. This series features some of the best bluegrass musicians from across the state and takes place outside of Sundack and on Aspeck Mountain.

Only one of the top festivals at the Aspen Music Festival offers grass-roots entry, and the lion's share of the big concerts are forgotten. Get away from the beaten track and into places most people don't think about, like the Sundeck Cafe, Colorado Jazz Festival School and New York Symphony Orchestra.

Instead, musicians and fans live in the hills, and each event offers a great casual atmosphere that proves that classical music is just as lively outside the concert hall. The Aspen Music Festival School serves nearly 1,000 students each year and attracts an estimated 100,000 visitors to the city in Colorado. The annual Music on the Mountain festival takes place every Saturday and features AMFS music students playing light and chamber music, with the Elk Mountain Range serving as an incredible backdrop. All the events themselves are free, there are no tickets or tickets for the main events of the festival, such as the annual concert of the Music School, but all the events offer a great, informal atmosphere, proving that the hill is full of music fans instead.

The Aspen Festival is a great opportunity to experience some of the world's leading orchestras under a large music tent that features nationally acclaimed composers as well as the world's best young musicians. Come on Fridays at 6 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays at 7: 30 p.m. to hear the Aspen Chamber Symphony, or come on the weekend of June 9 and 10 to hear the Espen Philharmonic Orchestra, and on July 1 and 2 to hear the ASPEN Festival Orchestra. This will give you the opportunity to keep Aspin's sophistication at a high level, but also to give an insight into the rich history of classical music in Colorado and beyond. Aspepen Snowmass also offers its own music festival, the Aspen Music Festival, which begins on June 9, where thousands enjoy the music and beautiful views of the city and its mountains while enjoying the slopes in summer.

Performances are held in several venues in Aspen, including the Music Tent, the Aspepen Chamber Symphony and the Espen Philharmonic Orchestra. The music tent, where Los Alamos will make its first ever appearance, is a central part of the Espen Festival's image, as it is home to some of the best young musicians in the world.

The Aspen Music Festival began in 1949 as a collaboration between the Aspen Chamber Symphony and the Espen Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of composer Dimitri Kravitz. The occasion for the celebration of the 100th birthday of Festival founder Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the desire for a festival of music, music and music education for children and young people.

The Aspen Music Festival School (AMFS) has attracted more than 650 students and presents the largest music education program of its kind in the United States. During the year, AM FS organises a variety of music events - in other locations in Espen and beyond. The event is rooted in a world-renowned think tank at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a focus on art, music and education.

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