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The 21-year-old junior high school student from Aspen is making his first appearance as a member of Colorado State University's men's basketball team in Carbondale.

Snowmass Village also has its own shopping area, which blends in perfectly with the rest of Aspen and its surrounding area. There you have it, a nice little community that includes the Snowmass ski resort and the ski park, as well as a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants.

One of the other things that has made the store so successful is the brands it carries. Bill and the purchase team have a great track record in providing quality ski clothing and skis, and we are proud to lead Kjus Ski Wear as our flagship brand with a record - online sales. Peak Performance is one of our best brands in Europe, based in Sweden and delivering top-quality designer ski clothing from the best designers in the world for over thirty years. The company's products were designed and manufactured in Aspen and are currently available in a variety of styles, from high-end to mid-range, as well as in our stores in Snowmass, Colorado and Colorado Springs.

Indeed, Hamilton's Sports has won the "Best Ski Shop" award from readers of the Aspen Times more than any other ski shop. Part of our success is down to the staff Bill keeps in the store, and they are dying - hard skiers who care about the store almost as much as skiing.

The same goes for our relationship with Kastles skis, and you might get the chance to meet some of them if you drop by. Speaking of Kjus: LasseKJus himself skied with us and the Hamilton's Sport Crew again this year. Since then they have lived in our small town and made some great turns on Aspen Mountain. In fact, for the last three years in a row, we have been named "Best Ski Shop" together with the Davenport Ski & Snowboard Club.

If you want to discover more of the region, rent a bike in Snowmass or book a ski or snowboard rental to save time and money. The Base Village Demo Center makes a short stop for ski rental and offers a wide selection of new demoskis. If you want to buy a new ski, take a look at the ski shop where you can try out as many skis as you like before applying for a 3-day rental with your ski purchase.

Located on the slope at the end of the Mall, the New Belgium Ranger Station serves guests a seasonal selection from the Fort Collins Brewery. Aspen Brewing Company delivers a fantastic waterhole that serves award-winning beers. Run by an award-winning mixologist with over 20 years of experience in the beer industry, St. Regis Aspens Resort delivers home-made ingredients with the best blends you'll ever drink.

The company's clothing specialists create each piece with care and ensure that our customers can roam the mountain slopes in a simple and fashionable way. Our dealers are competent in the area of ski and snowboard clothing, shoes and accessories and answer all questions about Sport Obermeyer products.

Of course Aspen is a great place to buy ski equipment and clothes, but there are many good places to pick up groceries for the cottage. In Espen there are a number of ski and snowboard shops where you can rent all kinds of equipment, including skis, snowboards in winter and bicycles in summer. You can drop off your bike at any of the shops in Aspens, and there is no fee.

The mall is home to Jack Rafferty's Thotic store, voted one of the best boating fittings by America's Best Bootfitters and Masterfit University.

After spending his first winter with his friend Warren Miller, who sold Kugie Ties, he moved to Aspen, where he became a ski school instructor. Bill opened the ski shop in October 1997 with Jeff Hamilton and it quickly became one of our favorite stores. After looking after celebrities such as Gary, Cooper, Ingrid Bergman and Lex Barker, there was the newly opened Aspens ski school.

He was a natural entrepreneur and knew that if he wore good-looking, functional clothing, more people would be introduced to new sports. His love for sport and everything related to it led him to found Sport Obermeyer in 1947. After testing the product and giving feedback to Kjus headquarters in Switzerland, Lasse gave Greg, the store manager and part-owner, one of the freeride outfits of the next year.

If you happen to be in Base Village, don't worry, we have a location there, too, but it's not the largest Aspen Sports location, which is just a few blocks from the foot of the mountain.

Opened in the 1980s, the hotel features a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness centre and indoor / outdoor athletics facilities. Opened in 1980, the hotel features an indoor and outdoor sports hall, a sports hall, an ice rink and a pool, as well as a spa and wellness area.

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