A fifty-year Chicago housing discrimination case settled

Published 01-23-2019

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CHICAGO (AP) - A half-century of federal oversight of public housing in Chicago is coming to an end.

In 1966, Dorothy Gautreaux filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Chicago Housing Authority of violating the civil rights of tenants through a policy of segregation and racial discrimination. The court agreed and prohibited the CHA from doing further building in poorer, minority neighborhoods and ordered it to create housing in mixed income and mixed race areas.

U.S. District Judge Marvin Aspen on Wednesday lifted the court order and replaced it with an agreement between the CHA and Business and Professional People in the Public Interest.

The settlement concedes the CHA has implemented programs to remedy past discrimination and has plans to build or acquire housing in mixed-income neighborhoods to assure access, diversity and opportunity.

Under the agreement, the nearly 53-year-old case will end by July 2024

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